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Release date: 30 July 2024

Life can change in an instant, especially when you least expect it.


Sarah Brighton had it all. Married to her childhood sweetheart and expecting their first child, Sarah and Matt’s life looked complete.

When Matt falls to his death in a rock climbing incident, Sarah’s life unravels around her. Unable to escape accusations, Sarah leaves town to start over. Was Matt’s death an accident or murder?


Xavier Sanderson has lived his entire life in Larrow Heads. Losing his wife at a young age, Xavier pushes those closest to him away and seeks comfort in alcohol and medication. Will he honour his wife’s dying wish and become the man he promised her he would be?


Is it coincidence or something stronger guiding two lost souls together?


White Butterfly is a reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed. To honour loved ones lost, you must continue to live your life and make the most of what time you have left.

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