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I am honoured to be a part of Writers On Tour (WOT).

We are a multicultural group of authors in south-east Queensland who tour schools, libraries, OSHC services, community centres and events with our books that have important messages for children.

Writer and illustrator Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt, writer and editor Jacki Ferro, writer and librarian Jane Smith, mental health advocate, writer and illustrator Lindy Jelliman, cultural presenter and educator Roushini Devi, and fantasy novelist Kim Foale have come together to share their books and teachings around inclusion, culture, Australian history, self-care, kindness, positive mental health habits and role models, and the importance of imagination through presentations and workshops at schools, community services, and public events.


Please click on any of the links in the profiles below to find out more or to purchase books. If you would like further information or to book your author visit, please email me at

WOT Hampers

Writers On Tour Hampers are for sale exclusively through Spirit of the Dreaming. Send a heartfelt, unique bundle of joy to a family you treasure. Packed with enthralling, authentic stories of inclusion, history, culture, adventure and care, choose from 3 WOT hampers, each for $99. To order your preferred hamper, please click on either of the buttons above.

Each WOT hamper will arrive in a beautiful, themed presentation box. Indicate who you would like the hamper for when you select it in your cart, and the authors will write personalised messages to the recipients.


Who are WOT?




Kim Foale

Adventures in Amelbria (for ages 8-12), fires up young imaginations and takes readers into a magical underwater kingdom of mermaids and gorillas where Princess Erika learns what it means to be brave and loyal.


In Kim's presentations, she brings children’s imaginations alive with her interactive display as they learn about the magical underwater world of Amelbria and the diversity of its animals. Children will have the chance to work together to use their imaginations to bring stories to life, using fun, colour and drama play.


Rhonda Collard-Spratt & Jacki Ferro

Through their 'Spirit of the Dreaming' Series (for ages 4-12) starting with Book 1 Grandfather Emu and How the Kangaroo got her Pouch, Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt & Jacki Ferro co-write, and Aunty Rhonda illustrates, children's Aboriginal Dreaming stories based on ancient teachings, which include words from the Yamatji and Noongar languages of Western Australia. Through Aunty Rhonda and Jacki's presentations, children from Prep to Year 7 enjoy lively storytelling and song, and learn Aboriginal dances, language, and wise messages of Aboriginal lore that still apply to each of us today.

Jacki and Rhonda.PNG

Jane Smith

Librarian and author Jane Smith has a passion for Australian colonial history and for sharing her knowledge with young readers. Through Jane's 'Australian Bushranger' series (ages 10 and up), and her 'Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy' series (ages 6-10) children discover amazing true stories from Australia's bushranging past. The heroic deeds of her strong female characters from history in Jane's 'Carly Mills, Pioneer Girl' series teach young readers (aged 6-12) the timeless values of dignity, kindness, and courage. Through role play, props, games and readings, Jane's fascinating workshops support the school curriculum across humanities, social sciences and English.

Jane Smith.PNG
Lindy Jelliman.PNG

Lindy Jelliman

Passionate mental health advocate, author and illustrator Lindy Jelliman writes stories for children that develop vital mental health habits for personal growth. Tinker Tailor's Toolbox for Mending Broken Hearts introduces children aged 8-12 years to Tinker, an extremely kind guy who helps his sister through a difficult time. In Lindy's workshops, children make 'happiness tools', and join Tinker on his heart-mending journey of kindness and self-discovery.

Roushini Devi

Proud Indian-Australian educator, cultural artist, author and storyteller Roushini Devi has over 40 years' experience as a wonderfully positive, energetic, and exciting children's workshop presenter. Roushini's books, The Magical Rainbow Inside You (3-12 years) and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow (for ages 15 months and up) share ancient Indian cultural and self-care teachings that educate and empower children in regulating both body and mind. Roushini also offers 'live' and pre-recorded online sessions, and her interactive incursions are filled with fun and colour.

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